Making the New Janis Joplin Leather Necklaces + Blog Recap

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I had a relaxing weekend catching up on a few new books, drawing a lot, finishing a few new Bird Trouble Janis Joplin leather necklaces, and going on plenty of walks with Tyler to enjoy the fresh air and my neighborhood.

Blog recap:

Last week from the Bird Trouble blog,
I posted from great interviews that you should read if you haven’t had the chance:

Marilyn Rondon, artist from Miami who just moved back to her home town after being in NYC.

– Anton Cerda, musician in Guadalajara Mexico.

Annika Inez, designer of INEZ by Boe + By Boe from NYC.
In last week’s world of Bird Trouble:

I added a new one-time use 10% off discount code for all customers shopping on the online Bird Trouble shop. Take advantage of this code at your next purchase with me. There is no expiration, it is only a one time use ticket. The code is: wildandfree0077

– I finished the new Bird Trouble look book and released it to a few favorite stockists. Now I’m just trying to be as patient minded as I can be. If you’re a retailer and would like to see a copy,
contact me through this page.

– I added the new Bombay Sunset Clutches to my website. Here’s a blog post about them and where to find them.

– I worked with INEZ by Boe for a styling post. I mixed Annika’s pieces with the new Bombay Sunset clutch. See the post here.

Today in the world of Bird Trouble:

– I’m guest posting on the Foxtail + Moss blog’s Instagram >> they are @foxtailandmoss. We just finished up with a giveaway for an Ajijic Clutch (from my SS 2014 collection) and now I’m taking over and sharing my day. Today’s a busy day with a planned Bird Trouble styled photo shoot + art supply shopping date!

– I add gems and stones to the new Janis Joplin Leather Necklaces. I’m going to be adding these from now on. I found these gems and stones from two street vendors. The price of these new necklaces will be $70 USD instead of $68 USD. If you’d like to make an order – being a retailer wanting to stock these, contact me through here or make – or if you just purchase want to purchase one, you can order on from my shop here on Friday April 25, 2014.

Here are more photos during the process of making the new Janis Joplin Leather Necklaces:


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