BT // Hey Anton! How’s it going?

AC // Chévere! 

BT // Tell us a thought on your week.

AC // I’m too fun for an office. 

BT // What projects are you currently working on?

AC // A solo album (Lemat), an original ‘Light Show’ for my band Velva Room and preparing two bands for touring 2014 (VR and Dorotheo).

BT // What can spark inspiration for you?

AC // Excitement, fear, people, music, artists, travelling, love and psychedelia.

BT // If you could work with one person, who would it be? 

AC // I don’t know, can’t think on ONE person only. 

BT // Who have you worked with that you really, really dig?

AC // Apache O’Raspi and Dardin Coria.

BT // Create a playlist with your current favorite songs.

AC // “Sunday Morning” by Velvet Underground,

“Girl I Want To Make You Sweat” by Bob Marley,

“La Ritournelle” by Sebastien Tellier,

“Fever” by Elvis Presley,

“Come On Let’s Go” by Broadcast

and “Dear Boy” by Paul McCartney. (these are just my favorite songs from last week)

BT // Describe what you are wearing right now.

AC // A brown jacket, a yellowish shirt with long sleeves and V neck, a black belt, black pants and blue boxers, that’s it (I’m barefoot).

BT // What is your favorite vintage item, thrifted, or handy-down that you own?

AC // I have a vintage red velvet jacket, either that or some of my vintage women’s shirts I fixed to use because of their great textured fabrics.

BT // What does self-expression mean to you?

AC // Being yourself and being creative.


Find Anton and his music in the following pages:

Facebook: &

Twitter: @AntonCerda & @lemondelemat

Listen to Velva Room & Dorotheo: &



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