Bombay Sunset Clutches + Big News!

I added a new clutch into the shop. It’s called the Bombay Sunset Clutch – thanks to a high school classmate who commented on my Instagram post asking “What should I call this?!”. Rockers, gypsies, vintage lovers, and pattern mad lovers UNITE!

I’ll be posting more photos I took of the outfit I styled for these product photos. it should be coming up soon. It’s a collaboration with INEZ by Boe jewelry, who you will learn more about in that future post.

Things are happening. It’s an ever changing journey running a small business, but it sure keeps life interesting and fun. I’m updating the pricing in my online store after this weekend. This is entirely to support the growth of Bird Trouble. Shop the current prices until Monday, April 14th here.


Also happening Monday – I’ll be sharing a 10% off discount code on the front page of my website that will be good for everyone to use once. Custom orders will still vary in price. It depends on the material used and the style of the bag. It takes me a little different amount of time to make each design. The discount will still quality for the 10% off discount. Come back next week to find out the code.


Are you a retailer?

I will have an updated Line Sheet and Look Look available for release on Monday. If you’re a retailer interested in carrying Bird Trouble, please send an email to I will ship worldwide.


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