Photos from the studio & new textiles.

Just a few shots from the studio last week taken by a buddy who was visiting me. I purchased some new textiles that you can see in the first photo. I started imagining romantic summer bags as soon as my eyes met them. I’ve been branching out to new textiles since 1) used materials are not as easy to come by in Guadalajara as it was to in Chicago and the States and 2) how could I possibly pass these up? I’m into the idea of mixing more new materials but I will try to at least add partial repurposed features to all of my pieces. The pieces that are 100% vintage/repurposed material are super special and I want them to stay that way, but branching out will be fun.

This subject of new materials is a little hard for me to come to terms with because I love making one of a kind or limited styles and I’m a huge fan of vintage materials. One of Bird Trouble’s missions is to give our customers the right to express themselves in the way they want to. I love hearing my customers say about how they feel special because they own something that is one of a kind on top of being handcrafted. Bird Trouble will always offer this feeling – promising you guys that right here, right now.

My new buddy Maddie took the photo of me working when she came to visit the studio. She is from Australia. Aussie accents are awesome. Maddie works for – it’s a new online market based out of Europe that sells handcrafted & fair trade products. Their mission is to “offer artisans & designers from emerging economies the easiest way to create online storefronts to reach, connect and engage with a global audience.” It’s like an Etsy, but it’s not open to just any kind of handmade seller and it’s based out of Europe. Maddie has been helping me set up a Bird Trouble shop on it. I’m curious and looking forward to see how it goes!

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