Introducing a New Bag to Bird Trouble

My friend Lindy is going to Machu Picchu soon (super jealous) and she came to me requesting if I could make somewhat of a “Fanny pack” so she could carry certain things on her hikes. I’m putting this in quotations because I’m changing that term. The other day, Maddie, who is from Australia, told me that “Fanny” means “Vagina” on her side of the world and that they find it hilarious when other people say “Fanny Pack”. I found it just completely  hilarious and now I can’t help but crack a smile when I say “Fanny pack” to myself. I’ll probably be telling this fact to every person that I meet now that says it. For real.

I give credit to growing up hanging out with my boy cousins and of course, Beavis and Butthead for my 12 year old boy humor. So, instead of “Fanny pack” (hehe), I’m going call this style of style the “Hip Bag”. Simple. Obvious. Everyone would know what I’m talking about. It’s been used. Good, now that I’ve taken us on a completely different page…

Voila! Here is the new hip bag for the Bird Trouble store.

Use the gold D-rings to adjust the fit.

Wear it over your shoulder. This is a great option for my lady Bird friends who are riding bikes, mopeds, and motorcycles.

Dress it up.

The length of the actually bag shape can be altered to be shorter, more squat, for those who would want something shorter. This style drops 8 inches so it can fit Lindy’s passport in it. She also wanted to see more colors on the blanket. This length is good because you can carry a smaller notebook and pens.

One of my tips and secrets to living life is to always carry a notebook and a pen. You never know when you’ll need to write down an idea… and honestly, I just like physically writing ideas or memos to myself. I’m not one to type it into a phone.

$70.00 USD + Shipping {{worldwide shipping is available – I ship from Mexico}}
8 inches wide by 10 1/2 inches tall
Materials: new leather, new brass and gold hardware, a serape blanket for repurposing.

Purchase it here.
Contact me here for any questions.

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