Flea Market Sunday in Guadalajara

all photos taken by yours truly, Alexz Sandoval, Bird Trouble. March 30, 2014.


This last Sunday I slept in, I stopped for my dirty chai, and I walked to the flea market with Tyler. They have it every Sunday and if you know me, you know that I LOVE flea markets and old things. I always want everything, but I need to strap the budget for myself and my love of old things for the next few months. I walked away spending 30 pesos on those three bracelets I’m wearing. I love how rusty they are. Now I have to choose two people to send Guadalajara gifts to! They had a ton more so I could just go back for more.

It’s getting scorching hot outside, 88 degrees already, so we’re already at the point to where Tyler can’t walk on the pavement because it’s too hot under his paws. Poor guy, I need to get him boots, or something. I feel so bad for him. I can’t believe it’s only April and it’s already this warm… I’m used to Chicago, where the true summer weather lasts for two months and doesn’t start until July.

I have another favorite coffee shop / restaurant. I love coffee and I’m always down to eat, it’s the perfect combination. I had the waffles with meat & a slightly spicy aioli in the middle. Sooo delicious. It was a good morning to end a good weekend. Friday night was music, Saturday night was a home alone night, and Sunday was a flea market & The Faces marathon day. I am happy to be alive.

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