A Homage to the Violent Femmes cassette I had in high school.

“I’m free and I’m happy.  I am free from your hatred.  I’ve parted from the part that I participated in so I’m free it was easy.  I know nothing of your hatred. I’ve known and shone the light and the darkness abated so I’m free. run skip jump play.  my little boy is happy  look he’s smiling because he knows no fear… hear…  my mommy’s calling me and I’m running thru the fields because I’m free…  every day in every way.  I’m getting better and better and better and better and better and better

because there’s no fear… here why I can’t tell you now cause I’m runnin through the woods and I just jumped a little bit higher…  cause I’m free and that’s the way he created me to be.  I have turned from your hatred.  I turned on the light and there was nothing there that waited to get me. this ain’t a song about that. this is a song about this”

I’m having a really great home alone, in my underwear, just eating dinner for hours while having a Violent Femmes marathon, kind of night. I’m so glad that Spotify exists and I believe it’s worth $10 a month, even though I actually forgot what I’m paying for. All I know is I can make playlists and that’s rad, but I would really love to listen to the Violent Femmes on CD or record player. I grew up with my CD player. It was a real cool two in one – having a cassette player too. My first car was a Nissan Sentra that my dad bought off his sister, my aunt, for me (what a cool dad). It only had a cassette player (at first) and I used to go to the thrift store or the used buy & sell shop to buy cassettes for it. Poison, Motley Crue, Violent Femmes were some of my favorites that I always played. I accredit those cassettes for the “mexi-mullet” (a friend calls it that, haha) haircuts I would give myself. I personallyyyyy would describe as a butt-rock haircut.
My friends ended up buying their own cassettes to keep in my car since I would drive them around so much. I accumulated so many cassettes during high school. My glove compartment and the pockets in the doors were filled to the brim. I can just remember now, the way the music would play through the speakers. I eventually become one with the digital world when we put the CD player in my car. I upgraded my speakers too, specifically to blast my music louder. I grew a rather good collection amount of CDs and I’ve only lost one CD booklet since… well, that is if leaving one CD booklet in Chicago at my most recently previous roommates, n
ot recently asking its where about is, is losing it. So… maybe I haven’t lost any.
I want a record player, badly, but I’m really in no rush. I am thinking about one more now, so hopefully one will come up. It’d be great to have one for when I get my own place. I want a cassette player and a CD player too. All three. I have a small collection of records that I’ve been hauling around since I was in California, but I’m going to stock up at this really chill in my city. It’s down the street actually. It’s going to be madness. PURE MUSIC MADNESS. I can’t stop thinking about moving to the beach. Making bags at my place on the beach. Making art on my place at the beach. Hanging out with Ty on the beach after making art…at my place on the beach. I should make an inspiration board for it. Ahh… here’s one picture to include. – Alexz


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