Home Decor Inspiration // Plants + Serenity

In a few weeks, I’m going to adventure solo to this supposedly beautiful beach town by Puerto Vallarta called Sayulita. I can buy a round trip ticket to take a bus there on a Saturday morning and arrive back on a Monday. I’ve heard I can stay in bunks for as cheap as $15USD, which is amazing. The reason I want to go is because I keep hearing from people that I will love it.

I want to check out the living situation there and see if I could afford living there alone. I really want to live simple and I was going back in forth in my mind about the US or staying in Mexico, then a conversation came up. Some new American friends who are here for another week mentioned Sayulita and brought up the inspiration again. I’ve already heard of a few things about Sayulita from a few of my Mexico friends. I hear it’s dirt cheap. I hear it’s bohemian. I hear it’s full of surfers and artist, then tourists from a bunch of countries. I’ve heard it’s surrounded by a rainforest. You can look at pictures of Sayulita on Pinterest here – I was skimming through for a while – or you can get lost in the hashtag Sayulita when you search it on Instagram — #sayulita or #sayulitalife.

I can’t stop imagining how easy it seems to turn this idea of living on a beach with the rainforest surrounding Tyler and I, from a wild dream into reality. Ideas become so easy to imagine them into a reality when you really imagine yourself doing it. Don’t imagine being held back from doing it or think of any excuses. Just do it. “Right Now” >>> Last august, I gave myself a stick & poke tattoo of the phrase “Right Now!” on my thigh. It’s a reminder to me to stop thinking so much and just do it. If there’s nothing holding you back, why aren’t you doing it? At this point of question, nothing should seem more important than you wanting to be you, and you’ll do whatever you can to get there. — Alexz

Fashion Designer Samantha Pleet in her Williamsburg – New York – apartment. Love those birch wood bed posts.

Dead stuff, random stuff, and colors.

I’d love to build special and fun shelves like this triangle one.

Glass bottles for flower holders via SoulMakes

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