A Custom Order in Progress, Plus New Info on Designing Your Own Bird Trouble

This week, I’m working on two custom bags using two Guayavera shirts. I’m cutting up these shirts to repurpose the material. The first one is already done and I’m going to start cutting up the sage colored one today. The navy one is a tear drop shape duffel bag with a drawstring closure. There’s a bunch of adorable details on it too, like leather pull strings with fringe tassels. The sage shirt is going to be repurposed into a classic bag shape, a square tote design with a leather flap. I’ll post that one at the end of the week. Don’t forget you can also follow my Instagram {{ @BirdTrouble }} to see the process!

The Guayavera shirts were given to me by Sarah and Alejandra, two awesome soon-to-be-wed women. I met them just earlier this week at one of my favorite coffee shops, Legacy Coffee Roasters. They’re actually going back to the States on Saturday, so I’m excited that I met them the very day that I did. We’ve met up a few times to chat it up since we met. They’ve suggested so many great places to check out, like this new coffee shop PalReal. The barsita is worldwide famous! If your curious, the latte brewed from a worldwide famous barista is delicious.

Alejandra actually works at this great not for profit company that I wanted to share. It’s called ProsperaIt’s based out of here in Guadalajara and is owned by a Mexican woman who lives back in the USA, in (I think) Seattle. Prospera is currently helping 2,000 women from ages between early 20’s to their 50’s to become entrepreneurs. They teach them practical business skills, share their businesses through the Prospera community, share new ideas to help them improve their product development and in the end, it looks like they actually sell their products on the Prospera website. Check out their website to learn more about their projects and how you too can help!

I updated the Design Your Own Bird Trouble page with more textiles. You can check it out here, but the page isn’t fully done yet. I wanted to add sketches of the bags that are possible options of shapes and designs that my customers can choose from. Since these are custom orders, the details can vary from bag to bag. That’s based on what the customer wants. So, in the end when I finally have this idea presented on the Design Your Own page, my sketches will be very vague line drawings so we can explore options we can brainstorm together. I think I’ll be able to release these options available within this week: so by April 2nd. I’ll share the link when it’s up. Have a great day! – Alexz


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