Today’s feature is with an ultimate babe tattooer at Black and Blue Tattoo (at 381 Guerrero at 16th St in San Francisco) and multi-talented artist, Samantha Sue Gierum, from Oakland California. If I remember correctly, I met Samantha in high school at our friend Marsh’s house. I think we watched the Goonies. We’ve been buds ever since, seeing each other here and there in Chicago, and I was lucky enough to recently see her when I went to Oakland, CA. I held her hand a lot on New Years Eve. She has such a great taste and cool style, I am stoked that she is apart of The Rad & The Wild series now! If you’re an artist and would like to submit your work, email me at! – Alexz

BT // Hey Samantha. How’s it going?!

SG // I’m hungover, I played Assasin’s Creed until 5 am last night with Jimmy O, Ian, and Caleb. Ian and Caleb played music, not video games, though. 

BT // Tell us one to three sentences; it could be about yourself or three thoughts on your week. 

SG // I have a cat in my shirt.

BT // What projects are you currently working on? 

SG // Well tons of tattoos.  I’m working on all sorts of things in that department. My favorites are the ones of animals and geometry. Outerspace and picture frames are also some of my favorite things to tattoo. The photos speak better than I can on the subject. You know, a thousand words and all.  Other than that I have a few paintings I’m in the middle of. I’ve done a bunch of colored pencil pieces recently. It makes me feel like I’m in high school again getting yelled at for dropping prismacolors. I’ve been making jewelry here and there and recently fashioned my hairless cat a fur coat from a rabbit pelt and an pieces of old leg warmers. 

BT // What can spark inspiration for you?

SG // I am constantly inspired by Nature. Animals, plants, mountains, outer space. I love the things we as humans have no hand in creating. I mean sure, we can breed animals and garden, but we can’t force things to grow. They just do. 

BT //  If you could work with one person, who would it be?

SG // If I could work with one person, It would probably be Emily Rose, She’s a tattoo artist from Australia who I really admire. I would love to pick her brain about design. She is a wonderful artist. 

BT // Who have you worked with that you really, really dig?

SG // Without a doubt, Jazmin Rodriguez. I have collaborated on a bunch of drawings with her and she inspires me all of the time. Love my wife, love my life. Everything she makes is magical. 

BT // Create a playlist with your current favorite songs. 

Gutterbillyboys- Shirley Black
Supersuckers- Hungover Together
John Prine and Iris Dement- In spite of ourselves
Patsy Cline- Walking After Midnight
Wilco- Passenger Side
Todd Rundgren- Be Nice to Me
Janis Joplin- Maybe
The Blow- True Affection
Camera Obscura- French Navy
Dolphins- CSO with a drag queen

BT // Describe in detail what you are wearing right now.

SG // Grey yoga pants with flower appliqués from Synergy, black tank top, grey American Apparel shawl 

BT // What is your favorite vintage item, thrifted, or handy-down that you own?

SG // I have an oversized metal teapot from the 1950s. I keep my pretty things in it.  If you mean clothing, I just picked up this 1940’s  beaded dress that is blowing my mind. It’s not hanging in my closet, It’s hanging up next to my bed. 

BT // What does self-expression mean to you?

SG // Creating who you are. Wearing who you are. Painting who you are. Drawing who you are. You do you. Show that shit off. Make it as weird as possible because you don’t want to hide the most wonderfully expressive parts of yourself. Those parts are your masterpieces.


Find Samantha at the following places to tell her she’s cool, then book a tattoo appointment with her!:
Website: and
Twitter: cuntybitch
Instagram: samsquanch



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