Happy Weekend from Tyler Dude + the BT Studio!

My little monster man Tyler Dude makes such a great model when I’m testing out the focus on the camera. He’s such a heavy thinker. I wish he could speak so I could know what he’s thinking about. Have I told you guys that Tyler is excellent at playing dead and also at galloping like a tiny pony? Yeah, a lot of people here in Guadalajara call him a pony. “Oy, mire el caballo!” I hear it at least 5 times a week.

In the studio recently: For the last week, I focused hard on releasing and marketing the SS2014 collection. I also finished a custom duffel bag for Andrea from the Blonde BedHead blog. She picked her very own textile from my “Design Your Own” page, told me she’d love a brown leather, and wished for a duffel shape. The next image is of the bag that I made her. I added rivets to the sides and used a new thicker gold thread for the first time. I’m very pleased with how it turned out! ((The Design Your Own page is going to be updated again by March 22nd. I have way more fabrics in stock than the page shows.))

Andrea’s custom Bird Trouble duffel bag. Love it? Contact me to see if I can make another one!

I’ve been doing a lot of random nail doodling for my “me time”. I like to burn incense and listen to music when I do this. Well, I’m listening to music most of the time but it’s especially fun to do when doodling. My nails are never “nice” looking because I bite them and pick at them. It’s a nasty habit I’ve had since I’ve been a kid! I’ve come to terms with it. I’m just not that type of girl, whatevs. ~love me for who I am~ I’ve also been drinking Chai Seeds daily. Did you get to see the guest post from Vert Chicago a few weeks ago? Alicia teaches us why Chia Seeds are good for us and also shares a delicious juice recipe. I’ve been putting in lemon water with a half of spoonful of sugar, I’ve been throwing them into my own blended juice recipes, and I even put them in my greek yogurt once. That was good. They’re delicious.

Tomorrow I’m featuring San Francisco based tattoo artist Samantha Gierum for a new The Rad & The Wild Bird Trouble interview. She’s a girlfriend of mine from Chicago and she is rad, you’ll have to make it a point to come back to read about her! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. – xx Alexz

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