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BT // Hey Sticky Valentines. How’s it going?!

SV dudes // “not bad! we’re sittin around with some friends listening to draw blood. jojo is giving caleb a stick n poke tattoo. me and jmmy are doin dabs. the usual.” -cody

BT // Tell us one to three sentences; it could be about yourself or three thoughts on your week.

SV dudes // thoughts for the week:
“waiting sucks.” -jmmy oh
“where am i?” – jojo
“where is jojo?” – cody
“fucking people…” – caleb 

BT // What projects are you currently working on?

SV dudes // We just released our first EP so we’ve been working on promoting and distributing that. annoying our neighbors in west oakland. making a bunch of sticky valentines merch. writing new songs, playing shows. hanging with the tweakers on the block. mostly hustling stolen car parts to rich people. getting ready to tour down to south by southwest in austin with our boyz in the band Modern Kicks.

BT // What can spark inspiration for you?

SV dudes // “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. oh and 60’s girl groups.” -everyone

BT // If you could work with one person, who would it be?

SV dudes //
“dead, Stiv Bators, cause he talked to the devil. alive, ozzy, for the same reason.” -jojo
“charles mansion, cause he lives close by and he helped the beach boys write some good shit.” -cody
“I would want Ralph Steadman to draw my life.” -caleb
“i hate these kinda questions… work with one person?!” -jmmy oh

BT // Who have you worked with that you really, really dig?

SV dudes // mike “uncle browns” brownie. the super hero of drugs. he hated our music so much that it made us like it more.

BT // Create a playlist with your current favorite songs.

SV dudes // 
“someway, somehow” by The Marvelettes
“bang bang bullet” by Streak
“no feelings” by The Sex Pistols
“thats the bag i’m in” by The Fabs
“won’t be long” by Vivian Girls
“another girl another planet” by The Only Ones
“lost boys” by The Ridgelands

BT // Describe in detail /// or draw us a picture! /// what you are wearing right now.

SV dudes // we’ll send pictures

BT // What is your favorite vintage item, thrifted, or handy-down that you own?

SV dudes // 
“orange and red glitterized slutty crop-top, which i can not find now..” -jojo
“every record i own” -cody
“1982 muppet babies ANIMAL t-shirt” -caleb
“my bass!” -jmmy

BT // What does self-expression mean to you?

SV dudes // “owning all the things that make you unique and weird. channeling whatever you have inside of you into your art and music and making it accessible. being proud to be different and strange and not afraid to be who you are. If other people don’t like it, then fuck ’em” -cody & jojo

Find the boys and admit your love for them!
Listen to their new album, Pleased to Meet You Femme Fatale:
Instagram: @sticky_valentines, @codyvalentine13, @jmmyoh, @calebdpepp


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