A Reflection of Yourself

One habit that always makes my day is seeing the beauty in each human’s personal style and appreciating the way that we express ourselves through our clothing.  I love a style that sticks out like a sore thumb, and proudly. Not because this person looks completely different from the rest, because in reality they’re not completely different. We are all the same.

I love that one person that is particularly unique from the rest and they show it in their daily wears. I see the way people dress themselves as a part of their daily emotions, that only they know. Our style isn’t what makes us, it is a reflection of us in our mind. I design my bags with this in my mind; to be unique, fun, and proud. I find repurposing materials so much fun and rewarding because I can make unique + fun products, they just need someone proud to wear them. This isn’t just something I can’t not do anymore. It is a way I can spoil my supporters with the opportunity to have fun being who they are, and not because they saw their particular Bird Trouble on someone else in a magazine or on the street. They find their Bird Trouble’s because they feel something with them, something that separated them from the rest.

Here are some looks that I love, and a song by Judy Henske to go along with it.

Patti Boyd


Chloe Sevigny


Lea Seydoux

Jane Fonda

Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith

Karen Dalton

once a thing… Anita Pallenberg & Brian Jones

Tavi Gevinson, who also has a mind that I admire

Debbie Harry

           Jane Birkin



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