Crowding Myself in Inspiration

It’s Sunday afternoon *scheduling this ahead- ooo now you know my secret* and I’m alone in my mom’s living room with Tylerdude at my feet, doing what I love best but don’t do a lot of: chillin’ on the couch. I’m drinking a hot Roasted Dandelion Root tea with cocoa sprinkled in it that my neighbor pal Lindy recommended. She’s the one that gave me the tea and the cocoa. Today has been a calm day, it was a little emotional this morning but at this very moment, I feel light. Being alone with Karen Dalton’s voice is much needed and appreciated after this mornings news (good & bad) from friends, as well as yesterday’s photo shoot. The shoot went awesome. I ended up modeling every bag and let me just saw, I have never been in front of a camera for that many hours, and it’s quite exhausting! I look up to models who do it daily, or even so frequently! I don’t know, I’m sure it gets easier with practice, like everything. Here is a just-for-fun shot from yesterday (errr, Saturday) that Aaron took with my iPhone for Instagram. It sure was a beautiful moment as the hawks flew around us…

So, as I’m sitting on this couch, I’m hanging out on Pinterest and soaking in the details of the images I see, going crazy because Pinterest always gives me what I like to call: inspiration overload. My fashion loving roots are loud recently and I wanted to share what style looks have been driving my mind. Maybe you’ll be inspired too. How ’bout that? You can go to my Pinterest page ‘a lady loves her fashion’ to repin or find the sources of these. – xx Alexz

Photo by Nina Leen for LIFE Magazine

   Rudi Gernreich Bathing Suit. Circa 1963.

Listen to King Tuff

Natalie Off Duty ❤

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