Adventuring at Stinson Beach with the quintuple B’s // Guest Post by JazOnVinyl of MySideOfTheMoon

Here’s another adventure guest blog post and photos by my girl Jaz. She seeing the beauty in everything! These photos absolutely just warmed my heart. She’s the main lady behind a Oakland California blog, MySideOfTheMoon. Get to know her more there!

Listen to the very short playlist with tunes by The Brian Jonestown Massacre that I created. I think it suited my adventure through these photos just perfectly. There’s only a few here but I recommend listening to every other one of their albums! They’re an amazing band.

Get ready for a quintuple B – BBBBB! Babes, beaches, babies, & beauty, b*tches!!!!! – Besos, Alexz


Hey y’all! Jaz here, posting from MySideOfTheMoon !
My second adventure post on the Bird Trouble blog!
I am so excited to share my adventures with you all because its truly a major source of my inspiration! These days are here from my heart to yours!
This week me and the adventure gang headed North once again, to Muir Woods’ next door neighbor, Stinson Beach. You can check my last adventure post for lovely pics from my hike in Muir Woods. Click here to check it out here.
These open beaches are so healing and a great place to spend a day with friends and family.Despite the fact that it is one of the beaches with the most shark attacks!!! EEEK! and AWESOME!
I love watching the surfers and parasailing….though I’m terrified to try myself! Hopefully I can over come that soon!

We had a baby and a dog on this adventure! FUN TIME.

Head on over to ThisSideOfTheMoon to check out Alexz’s adventures!
Here last post was so rad!
Check it out here.

This blog swapping sure is fun!



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