Previewing the Spring 2014 Collection

Bird Trouble “Screw What They’re Doing” Poster

Here’s a glimpse of my Spring 2014 collection that’s scheduled to come out sometime in March. There are more styles. These are just the special few that I picked to show you. I was thinking about adding clips to both style tote bags and adding a strap option, so they can be worn cross-body. What do you think?

The textiles used in these come from Mexico. The ones pictured are not actually “found” material (ie: thrifted, found rummaging, gifted) BUT there will be a few other styles that will be made with “found” material. They’re just not ready for photographing. Mixing it up over here! Spicing things up because I thought it’d be cool to offer both. The hanging pouches are made from textile that was weaved in Ajijic, Mexico (the first area I lived in when I moved here) and were sold as napkins, table clothes, and such… so I guess those are repurposed! I walked into the store randomly, without actually seeing it before, and saw the really old and BIG wooden embroidery loom machine they use to make these textiles. I instantly decided I needed to support them because of the loom and because the colors are amazing. It was a match made in heaven.

Sign up for my email mailing list & follow me on my instagram: @birdtrouble to be sure you catch the collection release date!! 2014 is such an exciting year – I’M RELEASING COLLECTIONS. That’s kinda crazy. – xx Alexz

ps. For those waiting for the Boot Straps – I have not listed them in the shop yet! When I do, they will be listed here. I promised it on my Instagram that I would the other day, but I’ve honestly put way too much on me. Hopefully they’ll be in the shop at the end of this week!



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