Music Monday with Tony Mengis of Defiance, The Riffs, and the Soda Pop Kids

I’ve been really stoked to share today’s Music Monday. I have vocalist and bassist Tony Mengis making today’s playlist. He was in a few rock and roll punk bands that came out of Portland, Seattle during the late 90’s to 2007-ish. Defiance, the Soda Pop Kids, and The Riffs. It’s completely mind boggling having a member who was in bands that I love on my blog today.

Tony seems funny and truly authentic in his emails. I sent him a letter on self-expression to me, how Chicago’s music & punk rock scene paved a way me to express myself, and how it’s lead the Bird Trouble blog to be where it’s at today. I brought up a few ideas for the Music Section that I’d love for him to help out with and ladies and gentleman, he’s agreed! We’re going to have Tony here more than once, so be sure you follow our blog posts by having BlogLovin send them to your email.

Today’s playlist is of tunes that Tony was thinking about listening to the other morning. Enjoy the loads of guitar riffs, 60’s + 70’s garage rock and roll, nostalgic punk rock, a young Rod Stewart, and some bangin’ women vocals. We hope to guide your Monday into the right direction. Let us know what you think! xx -Alexz

Bonnie St Clair – Clap your hands
Grudge – When Christine comes around
Third World War – A little but of urban rock
Sex pistols – God save the queen
The jook – different class
Les Fluer De Lys with Sharon Tandy – Hold on
Chocolate Watchband – Sweet young thing
Faces – Borstal boys
Cock sparrer – I need a witness
32nd Turnoff – I used to be a tiger

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