Recently in the Bird Trouble Studio.

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Last week, I finished up a few custom and reserved orders. I made my friend a lovely fringed brown suede bag out of a fringe jacket that had once belonged to her mother. I was absolutely touched to have been asked to do such a sentimental act, especially for someone who I lived with in Chicago when I was 19 years old. A new & amazing customer found a bag she loved off of my Instagram feed and claimed it as hers before it was even finished. She lives in Japan! Can you believe it, another Bird Trouble in Japan!?

I’ve been sketching again. It’s a fun release to do and I really feel great after every time I sketch. It’s a nice break from all the different tasks I’ve been plunging myself into lately… and to dream about clothing lines. It seems like it’s been fairly easy for me to organize myself and my thoughts (which are A LOT) by roughly scheduling out my week and then updating it as I go along. I’ve listed new products like the Here Birdie, Birdie necklaces, finished another batch of boot straps while I worked on my Spring 2014 collection, aaaaall while I’m posting and organizing some new features for this here blog. Music Mondays, The Rad & The Wild features, the new Our Friends are Adventurous, and even a Healthy Eating section! Separating my days into sewing, blogging/emails, day off/afternoon off has been helping a lot.

PS. Bird Trouble is looking for blog contributors. Let me know if you’d like to join the fun! Let’s talk about any of the series mentioned above or a new idea, if you have one yourself. Remember: this blog is all about self-expression. My contact page is all at the bottom of this page or reach out to me on Twitter at

The boot straps are hitting the shop this evening and will be available here (CST – Sunday around 10pm). There’s only a few left, so grab them before they sell out! I listed the Here Birdie, Birdie necklaces yesterday and am already down to two necklaces left. They would make the most perfect little gift, not to mention they’re only $12 USD. I’m including a stamped muslin bag (like the one above) filled with cushion for the shipment with each necklace. The bags are perfect for random storage while the necklace isn’t in it. I have friends who use their for coins and chapstick. The birdies are handmade in Tlaquepaque, Mexico but I constructed the necklace in my studio with found leather, a strong wax thread, and new brass hardware.

I’m excited about the guest Music Monday contributor tomorrow. I’ve been on cloud 9 because of it. I don’t know – it’s just frickin’ awesome to know that people that I’ve admired for their way of self-expression, are admiring my projects and enough so to join in on the fun. If you’re a punk rock lover, you’re going to want to stop back in the morning. Come back before you THINK about stepping into the outside world or actually, before you even THINK about getting out of bed.

Oh last thing – there’s a new artist coming to The Rad & The Wild group next Sunday. I highly suggest you bookmark it or follow our Facebook posts to know when it’s live. It’s essential to get some creative inspiration going through that cute little noggin of yours!! – Alexz xx

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