Record Release // Sticky Valentines, “Pleased To Meet You (Femme Fatale)” – Oakland California Rock – N – Roll / Power Pop

Photo by JazOnVinyl of This Side of The Moon

Happy Valentines day, or mass-consumer day, my birds! If you’re spending the day with your honey today, I hope you’re spending your money wisely… like on good ol’ rock n’ roll! The boys in Oakland’s power pop / rock-n-roll band, Sticky Valentines, released their new record today: Pleased To Meet You (Femme Fatale). You can buy the digital download for $6 (USD) or $10 for a cassette copy, a digital download, AND some pins and patches. Sick deal if you ask me. Buy it HERE and listen to their other tunes HERE.

Cody and Jimmy O of The Sticky Valentines contribute to the Bird Trouble’s Music Monday’s playlists – click here to hear what they’ve been listening to.

If you’re near the Bay Area in California, please put on your dancing shoes and go twirl yourself, your babe, or other babes at their FREE SHOW in Oakland. The show starts at 7pm but you can catch a drink or a chat earlier. The doors open at 6:30pm. The Modern Kicks are playing too and you’ve gotta hear them! Complete your week with a night of romantic, toe tappin’, heart-break shattering points… and if you go, come back here to leave me a comment and tell me how your night was.



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