The new Janis Joplin Fringe Necklaces + a Flashback to the 70’s


Janis Joplin Evil Eye Fringe Necklace




Janis Joplin Turquoise Fringe Necklace

photo 1

photo 3

Two new products hit the shop last night. Let me introduce you to the new handcrafted Fringe Necklaces. These were handmade by me while I was traveling in California over the holidays. I even worked on these in the sand at Venice Beach one day. I named them the Janis Joplin Necklaces because I SWEAR ON MY LIFE that if she were here today, I’d hunt her down to give her one of these for all her knick knacks and rocks she found in the dirt or in special places through-out her travels. I mean, I don’t personally know that she did these kind of things, no one called me up to tell me. I just have a hunch.

– Anyway, drool or shop the necklaces here –

the Janis Joplin Evil Eye Fringe Necklace
and the Janis Joplin Turquoise Fringe Necklace

Just a few weeks ago, I watched a recording of Janis on The Dick Cavett Show with Gloria Swanson, actress Margot Kidder and football player Dave Meggyesy on YouTube. Janis is adorable and basically flying in her seat with this kind of energy she carried with her, of course, but I really fell for Margot Kidder’s personality. I don’t think I knew who she was before watching this, sooooo I did a little research. I found this movie she was in: Sisters. First off – it was made in 1973 and is labeled a horror movie so it’s just epic because of that BUT seriously, the “bloody” and the gore of this movie had me staring, eyes wide opening, no blinking or just plain laughing. It was great to watch while I sewed. The split scenes are my favorite.

Check out The Dick Cavett Show and the movie Sisters below. Both taken from YouTube. Enjoy!

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