Bird Trouble for Tumbleweed Handcraft // New Handcrafted Padded Pouches

Photos by Tumbleweeds Handcraft

I recently did a collaboration with one of my favorite small business pals, Tumbleweeds Handcraft. If you don’t know them by now, they are the original (O.G. yo) makers of superb handcrafted wood veneer sunglasses, as well as other fine wood based products such as these amazing utensils and salvaged cedar serving trays. Come on, how beautiful it that? Our cheese and crackers would look lovely on that tray…

You can now purchase the Bird Trouble x TWHC handcrafted padded pouches through their website HERE – they’re currently on sale for $18! Each leather anchor is hand cut and stitched onto a found purple material while the other design is made from a vintage polyester. They are great for sunglasses, keys, coins, treasures and more.

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