Let’s give a warm round of applause and 5 shots of Marlot to Jimmy O – a buddy of mine, button maker, and bass guitarist for the Sticky Valentines – the Oakland rock n’ roll heart heart breakers I first shared with you on last week’s Music Monday. Wah-oooo! This is his first time being featured on the Bird Trouble blog and I’m nerding out about it because 1) Jimmy is my boy from Chicago 2) Having him here is like having him with me, but still too far to play punch with him and 3) He writes about punk rock music and shares some history on his favorite punk bands for ThisSideOfTheMoon’s Music Mondays, an Oakland based blog.

You may remember the artist interview I did on JazOnVinyl, the founder of ThisSideOfTheMoon. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Here we go, Jimmy’s playlist for this week… Lots of punk rock ending into some hip hop.

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2.10.14 PLAYLIST
You Look Like I Need A Drink Acoustic – Against Me!
Buck Dagger – King Louie One Man Band
she’s outdated – The Dino’s boys
Pretty Wild – The Tough Shits
I Want My Baby Dead – The Manikins
Johnny Too High – The Riffs
I Ain’t Worried [Acoustic] – Rancid
Something’s Different – Transplants
Leave You Alone – Cam’ron
Sky’s the Limit – Lil Wayne

Don’t forget to check out the Sticky Valentines new release, Pleased to Meet You (Femme Fatale), coming out in just a few days on February 14th. Buy yourself and a sweetheart a digital copy of their release for only $6, or snatch the $10 deal for a cassette copy, a digital release, some Sticky pins, and a Valentine patch. Pleased to Meet You (Femme Fatale) can be found on February 14, 2014, HERE.

Listen to the Sticky Valentine’s on their Bandcamp by clicking HERE.
“LIKE” the Sticky Valentines on Facebook by clicking HERE.
Follow Jimmy O on Instagram under the IG name: @jmmyoh
+ Follow the Sticky Valentines on Instagram too: @sticky_valentines



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