The Rad & The Wild // Artist Interview with Megan Saul Photography

Today’s feature for The Rad & The Wild collection is Chicago photographer, Megan Saul. If you’ve been following me closely, you’ll recognize her name from 2013’s photos. Megan and I met through the ahh… Chicago night life scene… ahhh, those Chicago days. We connected with the liking of Taking Back Sunday, and one bar in particular – The Flat Iron. Megan and I have had a lot of fun together shooting and have shared artistic ideas across coffee multiple times. She’s one of the most determined-to-succeed artists that I know. I hope you enjoy her adorable interview and get the chance to follow her on her social networks for all her work coming up. Here’s a refresher on what we’ve worked on together: Fall 2012 Lookbook’s Valley and the Ramblin’ Woods and also Fall 2012’s Bird Trouble Has Messed Up My Head. – Alexz

BT// Hey Megan. How’s it going?

MS// Pretty darn well!

BT// Tell us about yourself!

MS// I’m a portrait + wedding photographer based out of the midwest. I have 2 cats and dog who are seriously my children. My week has been filled with sessions (lovely ladies in lingerie!) and purring cats in, around and on my lap. My large format camera is my other boyfriend.

BT// What projects are you currently working on?

MS// I just currently finished up the relaunch of my brand new website but now I am currently working on a series of personal work and diving back in to large format photography. I have also recently taken an interest in the natural side of boudoir photography. 

BT// What can spark inspiration for you?

MS// Nature. Mountains. Life. Running free.

BT// If you could work with one person, who would it be?

MS// Sally Mann. No questions asked.

BT// Who have you worked with that you really, really dig?

MS// Oh man, I can’t honestly say I have yet. I’m excited to be headed to California at the end of February for a workshop with all of my favorite photographers. Maybe then I can tell ya who. 

BT// Create a playlist with your current favorite songs.

MS// Yikes! My boyfriend records in the same room as I work so the last two weeks I’ve only heard Kitsune ( BUT Jimmy Eat World and Brand New rule my life. I did wake up this morning with Taking Back Sunday stuck in my head but I blame the store I went to yesterday because they were playing it.

BT// Describe what you are wearing right now.

MS// Pjs. Maroon tank top with an oversized wool, maroon cardigan and flannel pajama pants. I typically would wear this in public though, but with jeans.

BT// What is your favorite vintage item, thrifted, or handy-down that you own?

MS// I am currently obsessed with my new 1960’s mid-century desk I bought from a local vendor in Chicago. It is perfect.

BT// What does self-expression mean to you?

MS// Being able to express who you are in the calm of a storm, in the middle of it or in none. Being able to be free and run wild.  

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Find Megan’s work and reach out to her in the following places:



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