We want your fearless voice for Bird Trouble!


We’re looking for positive and awesome individuals who can help us grow a community of fearless thinkers.
We want to hear what you have to say and we want to help grow that voice. Think of us as a platform to speak your mind and as a platform to find other inspiring people like you! We’re here to support and promote your work too. Each post will end in your signature, your website, your work, your business. If you want it to end with just a picture of you & your dog, that’s okay too!

Let us share your stories that are about… friendships, art, fun, rock+roll, DIY, screaming, fashion expression, laughing, photography, adventure, making love, being in love, learning from love, finding that thing that makes you click, late nights with friends, late nights with strangers, and just FEELING ALIVE.

We’re looking for photographers interested in the following topics:
NYC Fashion / Adventure
Los Angeles Fashion / Adventure
Austin Fashion / Adventure
Chicago Fashion / Adventure
Portland Fashion / Adventure
Atlanta Fashion / Adventure

We’re looking for writers & bloggers for these topics:
Small Businesses
Healthy Recipes
Lessons Learned

We’re looking for musicians and bands who want to share anything along these topics:
Why you started making music.
Funny band stories.
On friendships.
Song meanings.
On personal clothing style.
When you were heart-broken.
When you were mad.
When you fought.
When you stood in front of a huge crowd.

Submit your ideas to alexz@birdtrouble.com or fill out the form below. We’ll respond back within a week!


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