Bird Trouble’s Music Monday with Cody Valentine of the Sticky Valentines

I know this real cool dude, this Cody Valentine boy right here, and he’s from Oakland’s rock n’ roll power pop band, Sticky Valentines. Now I reallyyyyy dig these dudes so earlier this week, I asked Cody if wanted to contribute a playlist of what he’s been listening to for the Bird Trouble blog’s new Music Mondays chapter.

You may remember the old Music Mondays. It was short lived but now it’s back and it’s back with a ton to offer. I want to bring musicians to the Bird Trouble blog, ones that have this particular rock n’ roll talent, ones in really cool bands to dance to, ones with words to say that I want to hear and think you should here. Music has driven and saved me. If it wasn’t for those first punk shows I went to in high school, I wouldn’t be who I am today and neither would my art or sense of style. Music brought me together with some amazing people who say whatever they want to say, no matter what. They’ve shaped who I am today and has inspired the growth of what the Bird Trouble brand is really becoming. I want the Bird Trouble brand to be this creative and always-fun movement that supports and exposes bad-ass underground musicians/bands while letting them share what they love on this here blog. Get ready for some Music Monday fun to start your weeks RIGHT!

Great, now there’s blog guts everywhere. Here is what Cody’s playlist for this week.

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1. satans rats – you make me sick
2. the 101’ers – keys to your heart
3. the rpm’s – i don’t wanna be young
4. the soda pop kids – put on your tight pants
5. t-rex – solid gold easy action
6. primitive hearts – cry baby
7. robert johnson – love in vain


Oakland California’s rock n’ roll boys, the Sticky Valentines, are coming out with their new release Pleased to Meet You (Femme Fatale) on February 14th. How’s that date for all you rock n’ roll romantics out there? VALENTINES DAY. It makes it easier to remember that you’ll need to send your sweetheart a digital copy of their release for only $6, or snatch the $10 deal for a cassette copy, a digital release, some Sticky pins, and a Valentine patch. Order Pleased to Meet You (Femme Fatale) on February 14, 2014, HERE.

Listen to the Sticky Valentine’s on their Bandcamp by clicking HERE.
“LIKE” the Sticky Valentines on Facebook by clicking HERE.
Follow Cody on Instagram under the IG name: @codyvalentine13
+ Follow the Sticky Valentines on Instagram too: @sticky_valentines

If you’re near the Bay Area California, you better shine your dancing shoes to check out the Sticky Valentines on their EP release day LIVE with Modern Kicks, Dumb Saints, WAG, & Golden Bell Frog. THE CRACKER FACTORY – 1759 12th Street in Oakland, CA. Free show. Starts at 6:30pm. Click the photo to go to the Facebook event page and share it with your friends!


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