Inspiration gathered from Los Angeles


I really liked Los Angeles… and honestly, I was sort of surprised that I did because I hear a lot of people in Chicago tell me they don’t, but I really did feel extremely welcomed & inspired. I do think the downtown is small, but why does it need to be huge?  I do think places are generally really far from each other and it’d be worth it to have a car, but there IS a bus and it is ONLY $1.50, as opposed to Chicago’s CTA being close to $3. Plus, there’s the beach… AND I love the beach. I gush over them now after this past summer’s beach house trip in South Carolina. I could sit in the sand hand-sewing all day…

Everyone I met was great. They were friendly, open-minded, they’d always write down places they recommended, they said goodbye to me by name, we exchanged ideas and talked about our stories. Someone chased after me after I dropped my favorite vintage Rolling Stones pin on the sidewalk, to give it back. HOW FREAKIN’ SWEET IS THAT? I met Erin and Frankie of Hunter & Fox for pho and some drinks. Erin and I met through Tumblr a few years back, or so, and it was awesome to finally meet in person. My girl from Chicago, Erica Fiero, who makes all kinds of beautiful art, met up with us too. I also was able to meet two new friends, randomly: Johnny Valencia (@yonnivalencia on IG) of The L.A. Fashion Report and Christa Jayne of Fashion or Famine… who is actually having a trunk show on February 15th, for all you L.A. peeps.

The boutiques and stores… oh, did I love the boutiques and stores. I loved the design and aesthetics of them, the brands they carried, LA’s fascinator with neon and grunge (though it’s not my style, it sure is something to look at!), the vintage shops with amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing vintage and great owners. Majority of them promoting handcrafted and quality, the luxurious ones too. I day dream of owning my own store when I’m in a great store that makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale (Satine Boutique did that for me). I’m sort of thinking that LA would be a great move for my brand, in the future. I want things like this to happen to me:

A store owner on the phone:
“It’s $alotofmoney-ican’tremember.”
“Yep, it’s still available.”
“Oh great, is he going to come by or is his assistant going to come by?”
“What’s his new assistant name?”
“Well, if he’s going to come by, just let me know 10 minutes in advance so I can close the store for him.”
“Great, see you soon.”

I mean, come on. Holy shit, who do you have to close the store for? I wonder if she’ll notice I didn’t leave if hide under this table. What costs that much money?! You have a home WHERE? NORWAY? WHY DOES THIS EXCITE ME SO MUCH?! Can I stay? I’ll get you a coffee? What do you need help with?

Dream big. I hope to find myself in L.A. after Mexico. The possibilities, the people I could work with, the customers I can meet… it’s what the little girl in me looking at fashion magazines and loving Vivienne Westwood ever wanted. I can’t beat it that it is sunny and beautiful everyday there… like it is here is GDL. Anyway, here is a collection of things I found inspiring…

8134 w. 3rd St – Los Angeles

8379 Melrose Ave – Los Angeles

7934 w. 3rd St – Los Angeles – CA

These are collectables. I have a shirt with the same design as the one on the right, but slightly in a different version. (Also see: Vivienne Westwood’s Destroy shirt)

7928 w. 3rd St. – Los Angeles

8222 w. 3rd st. – Los Angeles

8320 Melrose Ave – Los Angeles

Be still my punk rock fashion loving rooted heart….

If you know the store name, please mention it!

I’ve misplaced the business card to the boutique that I found this vintage bag at, but I know I will find it in the next few days, then I will edit this. I put it somewhere specific… funny how that works out. The owner and I talked for a good while. She started selling vintage on Ebay when she lived in Ohio and did that until her husband was transferred to LA. So she decided to open up shop, a few months ago. She had some GREAT pieces and she was great to talk to.

That is all! Time to get back to the custom order bag I’ve been working on. Smooches. -xx Alexz


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