Photo shoot collaboration with Mousevox + JazOnVinyl

Earlier this week, JazminRachel, and I got together to collaborate on a photo shoot. It was a sunny day so Jaz and I walked from our part of Oakland to Rachel’s part of Oakland. We met at Rachel’s home, placed a wee bit off of all the Piedmont Ave shopping, in a fetching vintage building. We organically worked with each other once we were in the same room. We caught up on our current lives and knocked our styling-brains together as Rachel showed us outfits from the Mousevox closet that would pair perfectly with the Bird Trouble bags.

Its amazing how easy the hours we spent together were and how our day just casually flowed. I really appreciate the talent these wonderful women have and our down to earth personalities that evenly seam together. Since I only had a few bags left after stocking a new boutique (Resurrect on Piedmont Ave!), we only had to pick out four outfit changes. We found really great locations just around her neighborhood while we chit chatted away walking up and down only a few streets. After shooting, we spent the last bit of our evening reflecting on our collaboration and suggesting music to each other as we lounged on Rachel’s couch.

I put together a short, mini look book with some final photos. Here are a few of Jazmin’s behind the scene photos and a few “sort of sneeks” that didn’t make the cut but that are too beautiful to not show. After glancing at my post, shoot over to Jazmin’s blog, This Side of the Moon, for another blog post on our day and more behind the scenes photos. I’m launching the mini Bird Trouble look book, “Oakland, California”, in tomorrow’s blog post. Come back to see it! xx- Alexz


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