Oakland Photo Diary {part two}

See my previous post for part one of my Oakland photo diary!


Buying, wearing, and sleeping in my new vintage dress.


Wasabi, avocado, cucumber, tomato, seaweed & vegan coconut bacon on an everything bagel with cream cheese.
Food SO GOOD from Good Bellies.

Step one: buy a used wok. Step two: make tons of delicious vegan food.

Stoop hangs on jean jacket weather days.

Oakland street art

A successful thrift day and a ton of new material to repurpose in Bird Trouble creations and a new book for me. Don’t you love the kittens? Haha.

Midwest rock and roll!!! The Brothers Gross sent Jimmy their new 7″. Listen to them here!

Emily of the Dead Panzies and her new Bird Trouble boot straps.
Boot straps can be found here.
Hurry, there’s only a couple left until the next batch!

Until next time – xx



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