Boots tied tight. Bags packed. California bound

Oakland Map Print from OMaps

I’m California bound! I mentioned it in my last blog post but in case you missed it, I’ll be the Oakland from 12.19.13 to (possibly/probably) 1.4.14. I’m so so stoked for this trip. It’s my first trip I can afford with profit from Bird Trouble sales (though it helped that the plane ticket was dirt cheap- either way – STILL AWESOME). It’ll be my first time back after moving away from there. Short background: I lived in Walnut Creek, CA when I was 20-22 years old. I can’t believe it has only been four years. It feels like so much has happened since I lived there.

I will be shipping all orders from there. What’s that you ask? Why yes, yes I am bringing all my products. Bird Trouble, sold items, and x-mas gifts create a pretty heaving bag. I’m just going to stoop on a sidewalk in San Francisco somewhere to sell my goods. I’ll update my blog when I do that but just in case, you may want to follow me on IG too. I’m there as @birdtrouble. I’ve been bad at updating the blog recently but I’ll be back soon to show you all the new things that I’ve been making. In the meanwhile, check out the latest Bird Trouble Look Book & see what is new in the Bird Trouble shop.

If you’re a creative living in the Bay & want to collaborate on a creative endeavors, leave a comment with your email address. I’d love to meet new creative people & small businesses! -Alexz




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