NEW Winter 2013 Look Book, in collaboration with Robert Guerra & Steph Cordova.


Ta-daaaa, the new Bird Trouble look book. Click on the cover page to be directed to it or click here. The bags that are available for purchase will have a black & white cart button on the page. Under the cut at the bottom of this blog post are individual pictures because I wanted to make it easy for you to add the bags to your Pinterest Christmas list with your “Pin it” button. 😉

Quick recap: a few weeks ago Steph Cordova, Robert Guerra, and I had an all day photo shoot in my living room that is also apart of my work area (view behind the scenes of that shoot here). I was finally able to take time away from sewing to design it. I’ve been so busy lately with ORDERS, like woah, so fricken’ cool! It’s great being busy & I’ve been enjoying staying up til 4am sewing. I do miss vone-in’ out & playing graphic designer with Photoshop too though, so this was fun. I used a photo I captured with my iPhone for the background. It’s a landscape view of Guadalajara, where I live (if you didn’t know). I would like to find a real graphic designer to do these in the future so I can stay busy producing & designing Bird Trouble.

Soon I’ll be flying high to Oakland, California to be with a few of my really awesome Chicago buds at the Lily Pad that is home to artists, musicians & the blog, This Side of the Moon. I’ll be there from the 19th until the first/mid second week of January. I CAN’T WAIT. It’s going to be an amazing and inspiring few weeks with fun kids I know from home & a ton of balls of fun flying every where. If you’re in the Bay & want to collaborate on any creative endeavors, leave me a comment. I’d love to meet new creative people.

I’m bringing my bags to try to sell on some San Francisco / Oakland sidewalks – will update you with that info later!. I’ll be updating my Etsy religiously, don’t worry. All online purchases made after 12/19 will be shipped out from Oak/SF post offices 1-2 days after purchase. Those in the States: Shipping will probably be cheaper, so I’ll send you a refund on Paypal. It’ll get to you faster BUT I don’t think it’d get there by Christmas day, since it’s only a few days. International purchases: Expect 1-2 weeks still.


Individual photos of the Winter 2013 Bird Trouble Look Book (for easy pinning!)




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