Friday Favorites Round Up

Nelson Mandela. July 18, 1918 – December 5, 2013


Unlinked photo off Pinterest. Does anyone know the designer or photographer? I love this silhouette.


2The colors in this room are great! They’re not too overwhelming. I really like the zig zag blanket… I’d make some bags with it if I could get my mittens on it…


Simple & greatly comfortable looking outfit. Those shoes too!

Thief & Bandit was featured & interviewed in the Bleubird Blog yesterday. I love the prints in their designs so much! I really enjoyed the chance to glimpse at how they work, where they work, & photos of their charming family.

I was lost in this blog post due to the beautiful branding & printing by El Calotipo. I want to play in a letterpress shop!

Rachel Urquhart AKA Pony Gold is always posting snap shots of her amazing illustrations. I admire her skills so much that I had her create Bird Trouble’s recent logo. I recommend signing up for her BlogLovin‘ or following her Facebook to see what she’s creating and who she’s collaborating with!


Cataloguing this in my mind for future photo-shoots, parties, or to craft out of pure boredom. Glitter on balloons would solve any boredom! Photo found unlinked from Pinterest – leave a comment if you know the source.



First I found this, then I found it’s by NY artist, Craig Redman. That brought me to the Craig & Karl website where I saw their Facebook TO FIND THIS BEAUTY of a design they did for a collaboration with brand, MCM Worldwide:

This Yves Saint Laurent drawing from 1977. Does anyone have a reference website for this – or more information?

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be back soon to recap some exciting Bird Trouble projects I’ve done & have been working on. Time to get to the work table!



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