Personal Style / Sticking to my Leather + Cut-Offs

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Im spending mine with my cousin and uncle who are visiting from LA. I haven’t seen them in quite a few years so its really nice spending time with them. My cousin is now 16! Thinking about the way time flies is always wild to me.

Today I’m here to share a personal style post session that photographer, Robert Guerra, and I did earlier this week. We ate a torta for breakfast that day then we went to my favorite cafe in Guadalajara for some work. The cafe is called Cafe Bazaar and it makes me feel like I’m in Europe, not that I’ve been but I have this sense of what it’d be like from watching films & seeing photos. Of course all of us travel daydreamers and wanderlusts have grown 7th sense of what the world would feel/look like… so close your eyes and image white shabby antique garden chairs surrounding heavy wooden dark benches, birds singing from antique cages, a tranquil water garden that is home to multiple pretty lady statues spilling water out of their mouths. We ordered much needed caffeine and muffins then we did product photos of the Hungarian Fringe Satchel in charming atmosphere we were in. I will blog about those photos next but now, it’s onto the outfit we go…

– A leather vest that I thrifted way back in high school. I have to show you more of that vest because I decorated it with so many pins & a new back patch. Stoked on that.
– A Cat Power shirt I bought from her 2004 show at the Vic in Chicago. It went through a DIY project, of course. I can never not cut up my shirts. I went to that show by myself. It was amazing.
– Cut-off jean shorts made from jeans that I thrifted last year. It seems that the edges are fraying with each wash, getting me in the habit of always checking up on my butt checks while I wear them. True story.
– Fred Perry messenger bag purchased in a sale pile for FIFTEEN DOLLARS in 2004. Talk about the best find ever. This bag has been with me everywhere and it still has so much life left to it.
– Two rings my mother has owned forever & one large ring from a handmade artist at this past summer’s Electric Forest in Michigan. I wear these, or a mixture of rings, almost daily.

I’m stoked to work with Robert on more outfit posts. I’m not one to wear a lot of brand names, it’s just not me, and I’m not here to try to sell you anything that I don’t believe in. I do, however, believe in wearing vintage and thrifted clothing, wears and accessories from my small business friends, and DIY fashion. Get ready for more, world. – Alexz

Totally have a flower pedal in my hair here. I decided to shower myself in the following flower’s pedals all over my hair that day.

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