Hungarian Fringe Bag

I finished a new repurposed bag yesterday and I’m super about it! It’s made from a vintage Hungarian pillow case. I’m calling it the Hungarian Fringe. I’M CLEVER. I immediately locked eyes with these amazing colors when I found it at an antique market in Chicago. I bought three pillow cases and I can make three bags with those but I’m in the middle of discussing custom pencil pouches so I might just make two bags and then 2 or 4 pencil cases. It really breaks my heart when I fall in love with a textile and I run out of it. I had someone on Instagram explain to me how she put one of my fringe pouches on her Christmas list and was upset when she discovered that they were gone from my shop. Fortunately they’re *hopefully* going to be for sale on an online retailer *soon* but I do still feel bad about it.

I’m learning more and more about the way I should run my business… and I realize that I should offer bags to retailers before I list them on Etsy – or maybe I should have two separate inventories. Ahhh, the thoughts in my head and working with sustainable materials, but in time I will be more used to the routine of production and sales. I like learning it organically. I don’t want to give away my concept of sustainable materials. I like the idea that each product has a history, that there are hundreds of stories being told and honored from my products and that I can offer these one of a kind products because items should be cherished from season to season and not disposed from season to season. This isn’t Target or Forever21. This is Bird Trouble and we are proud to be apart of a handmade tradition.




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