Behind the Scenes of a Bird Trouble Photo Shoot with Guadalajara Photographer Robert Guerra + model Stephi Cordova

I ran into Steph, Robert, and Sheriff at The Knife a few weeks ago. It was after I went to Guadalajara’s Festival De La Cerveza with my dad, mom, Ron, & Lloyd and after we stopped at a local bar that has good craft beer… which means that I was more than few drinks in. The night at The Knife is still very blurry, but I know that Steph happened to have been there (without prior knowledge) and that it was the first time meeting Robert and Sheriff. Steph later told me that “you met two guys”. Wait, what? I only remembered meeting one until she said something. Haha. Oh, beer.

I frickin’ love when you have a random run into a friend. I also love meeting new friends that you share so much in common with. Moments like that are rare to me, generally not when I’m meeting creative people but depending on the “click”. This night marked the start of future collaborations with Robert Guerra, who happens to be a photographer, new to Guadalajara from Monterey Mexico.

I’ve been searching for creative people, specifically photographers, to collaborate with here even and started even before I moved here. I was google searching, looking at portfolios on Model Mayhem, contacting local bloggers, using hash-tags on Instagram… which is actually how I met Steph. I found her modeling photos. I couldn’t be more appreciative to meet both of them. Two new friends who are passionate about collaborating and growing creatively in new ways and in ways to support what we do now, *******driven*******, and already talented – it’s like a puzzle piece that fits when a creative meets another to click and collaborate with.

Robert and I hung out all week and threw ideas at each other and planned all week for yesterday’s photo shoot, our very first. It was, excuse my language and my bad language stars, but f***in awesome. Steph has to pack for her temporary move to Puerto Vallarta but went out of her way to make her schedule flexible so she could be our model. She did a killer and great job. Robert hit the nail straight on with the photos.

There’s so much movement, texture, and color involved – much like the Bird Trouble designs. Steph modeled for five outfits, five bags, five themes, five different makeup applications, and two hair changes. We have five more to go that I was going to model for, but decided to wait on those after we hit the 8 hour mark. The inspiration for the styling the outfits came from the bags and from my own personal vintage collection. The era and the feeling of the clothing gave the inspiration for my make-up skillzzzz (Great feeling. I forgot how much I like applying make-up). Robert had photo ideas stirring in his head already and used the styling, the movement of the fringe (yes, fringe. faux fur too.), and our stage props ideas as his inspiration. It was awesome. Oh and I made some rad vegetarian wraps too. That was also awesome.

What a good day yesterday was. It was a good reminder for me to keep following my personal direction, to do what I want, what I love, to take control of ideas and full advantage of moments. The future is really exciting that way and each day is spent with full force. The three of us hung out with two other friends, drinks and taqui-quesos for the rest of the evening, calling it quits at 2:30am. // If you don’t know what a taqui-queso is, you need to. Look it up. NOW!

Follow Robert Guerra on Facebook and Flickr, visit his Portfolio, and follow him on Instagram at @robertfelix.
See Stephi Cordova’s Facebook to see her work and follow her Instagram at @stephicordova.

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of a Bird Trouble Photo Shoot with Guadalajara Photographer Robert Guerra + model Stephi Cordova

  1. I can’t wait to see the photos! Looks like you’re settling in well in your new city. I still need to find local people to work with here in Florida. You’ve motivated me. Must find a photographer and get a professional shoot soon!! 🙂

    1. Yes! I agree that you should start networking with local people and even local designers. Create a little community of like-minded people for yourself… it will motivate you like crazy & you’ll be placed in positions that benefit your design course. Guadalajara has been good to me – I’m really lucky I met the people I have but Instagram really helped me start networking with creatives out here in the first place. XO! GO SALLY! love ya girl.


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