El Nierika + Van’s Party, Vinil Independent Press, and Mexico Street Fashion.

Last weekend, Steph and I went to the celebration party of El Nierika + Van’s  1 year anniversary at the Guadalajara Vans store in Andaras mall that had the support of deliciously tequila drinks mixed by Tequila La Revancha Mexico. I was absolutely swooning over all the bright the colors in the beautiful and detailed handcrafted work done by traditional Huichol artists in collaboration with Vans. They created a super limited collection that is unique and supports traditional handwork + traditional Huichol folks (visit the Huichol Foundation). This post will prove another reason why I appreciate being here in Mexico: the people here so supportive over the love of traditions and handmade art. Here are the photos I took (unless stated otherwise).

Upstairs, there were cool posters and books being featured that were designed and printed by Vinil Independent Press {http://vinilpress.net/} that is the creative brainchild of Zapopan artist, Bodo Vinil. I was just taking a look at the Vinil blog {http://vinilindependentpress.tumblr.com/} and really love their clean lines fresh style. Their statement on their website is great too:

“Vinyl is a small independent company specializing in making printed products for fans of visual culture around the world. Recognize and promote the trends but fashion, old school and new wave. We know that the trend is born on the streets and living in the people who create. Vinyl is a company of people to people. We love books, magazines, fanzines, posters, decals, the shirts, typography and working with her ​​we love the smell of printed paper. We live passionate about the things we do, we do things that we like to have.”

photo c/o Vinil Press’s blog

photo c/o Vinil Press’s blog

photo c/o Vinil Press’s blog

I also kept noticing all the fresh fashion sense that walked through the doors. Instead of lurking at people’s outfits in the background, I decided to approach those who had a sense of style that I admired, introduce myself and ask if I could feature them here. I’ve never approached anyone before to feature their style but I had a strong urge to do so that night. With my love and background in fashion design and my current need to network with people in a new city, it makes sense to me to share what and who inspires me here.

I thought these three were picture perfect. The dress on the little girl was designed by a family member of hers. I didn’t catch her name but if anyone knows it, please leave it in the comments! It had (I think) horses printed all over it and a floral patch in the shape of a bunny. I thought her sitting next to the babe wearing cheerful neon green details and the adorable blazer-wearing little boy was just picture perfect. I also loved the kid’s shaggy, all natural, wild child hair!

My favorite of the night was Priscila’s tasteful skinbird style (I say that instead of skinhead, since she’s a lady). She reminded me of friends back in Chicago. I had to find her again even I took the first picture and walked away from her because I realized that her low heels had the signature Doc Marten stitching. As I crouched on the ground taking pictures and admiring the awesome Doc Marten translucent style sole that was turned into a heel, she confirmed with me that they are certainly Doc Martens that she bought during a visit to the UK. We then talked about how they are making sandals and how we thought that was weird. Seriously. That’s so weird that I’m not even looking them up.

Overall, it was a super fun time. Thank you El Nierika for organizing a great time. I’m excited about the new friends and new creative contacts I met at that party and those that I met afterward. I brought about 25 business and the next morning, I counted less than 5 cards. I’m making it a point to introduce myself and network more than I ever have in my life and I’m pretty proud to feel like I’m breaking the shy shell left in me. Fear is pointless. There are so many creatives in this city and I’m already talking to a few artists about a few fun collaborations in the near future, it feels great to feel like I’m moving along. Let’s reconnect if we met at the party… say hi and leave your email in the comments. Thanks for reading! – Alexz

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