Ajijic Wallet Giveaway on the Roots & Feathers Blog

I’m excited to announce that I paired up with artist Laura Mazurek on her blog, Roots & Feathers again.  You’ve heard of her through our bag design collaborations for The Bohemian Collective.  This time, we’re giving away a one of a kind Bird Trouble Ajijic Wallet (what I was once calling the Found Embroidery until last night).  While I was up late making these graphics last night, I had a sprout of inspiration to change the name.  Ajijic is the little artist mountain town I was living in before I moved to Guadalajara. There, I found two embroidery swatch booklets that belonged to an upholstery textile brand.  With each swatch, I made a one of a kind wallet or a one of a kind coin pouch. These ain’t your mass produced cookies, ya’ll! These are truly original.

The items from the Ajijic Wallet Collection and the coin pouches can be purchased in my Etsy shop and soon, you can find a limited number of these at these two Chicago stores, just in time for the holidays:  Squasht by Lesley in Ukrainian Village and Modern Cooperative in Pilsen.

Enter in the giveaway here! : http://rootsandfeathers.com/giveaways/

Be sure to check back with me this week. I’m sharing my event photos and shots for a Fashion File blog post from the 1 Year Anniversary of a Van’s Guadalajara store that I went to this weekend. I have some amazing shots of the traditional huichol art by El Nierika, a native huichol. Get a head start & read about Huichol’s from the Huichol Foundation website. -xx Alexz


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