A Lou Reed Tribute Post + “Lisa Says” Painting

The Rolling Stones Magazine announced that Lou Reed died at 71 today. Just last week, I watched the Rock and Roll Heart documentary on him via YouTube. It was only suiting to watch it again while I painted his mug today. Lou has a special place in my heart. If I close my eyes, I can imagine his lyrics play in the background of memories from high school, listening to my friends play instruments in their basement and even a few maybe too wild Chicago parties when I was in my 20’s. The first time I really listening to Lou was when I was in my first year of college, I skipped class & went to Record Breakers (a record / CD store all us suburb kids were obsessed with). I bought 3 used Velvet Underground CD’s for my 30 minute car drive out west through the corn fields to my high school boyfriend + friends.

I love music. It’s wild how strongly connected I feel to it & how I honestly wouldn’t be who I am (nor would the Bird Trouble brand) today without growing up to the CDs I had, the music my friends played, or the bands we saw. It’s like an art to me (aint that some hippie-esque talk). Music speaks for me, it changes my emotions, it fills my need for creative inspiration, it puts life into a different perspective to me & has never let me down. It’s guitar killin’-it skills + lyrical talent + pure emotional artistic ability like Lou’s that say exactly what I’ve always wanted to say but couldn’t. It reminds me that life is really cool even if hilariously stupid stuff has happened to you. Being true to yourself is the most important, but that’s what I say, Lou said “work is the most important thing” and I could agree with that too. Rock and roll.

I dedicated my day in tribute to these memories by listening to him & Velvet Underground while painting and collaging with watercolor, marker, and foil art. The words say “You know that those good times, they seem to just pass me by” and it’s from Lisa Says. This song really hits the nail on today’s thoughts. I’ll be putting prints of these in my Etsy shop this week. You can leave your email in the comments if you want to know when it’s available.

I picked this image because his outfit was amazing in this photo shoot (see below- first collage, photo on the right). Every stage he went through as he transformed his image was staggering and awesome. Here are some of my favorite photos of him to end this post. These were re-pinned to the Bird Trouble Pinterest. What’s are some of your favorite memories connected to Lou Reed’s work? Share them with me in the comments! -xx Alexz


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