Kaitlyn Hovsepian for The Rad & The Wild Creatives

What was once the ‘Something About You’ features is now the ‘The Rad & The Wild Creatives’.  I’m branching out to a whole range of creatives that I felt deserved a more suiting title to what they are. I think the words Rad & Wild are a better match for the Bird Trouble brand too. Now on to the feature…

I’d like to introduce you to Kaitlyn Marie Hovsepiana dear true friend of mine and one of the most sweetest+smartest gals that I have the pleasure of knowing. She’s a multi-talented Chicago artist, the creative founder of All My Friends are Bread- vegan+gmo.free+all natural dog treats!, professional baby-lover and baby care taker, dog lover, and a food genius (I look to her for my food inspiration on what’s natural & what’s benefiting for my health).

1. Hey Kaitlyn, how’s it going?
oh, hey! things are pretty swell over here. thanks so much for asking!

2. Tell us one to three sentences; it could be about yourself or three thoughts on your week.
this week has been crazy hectic (but, a good kind of hectic where all these new ideas keep coming to me and i can’t seem to write them down/think them through/execute them fast enough). this may or may not be the reason i carelessly sliced through my finger, while using a mandolin today. adrenalin is some crazy stuff.

3. What projects are you currently working on?
currently, i’m working on expanding the all my friends are bread product line to include dehydrated chews, toys and other fun treats. i’m super excited about these new additions, seeing as my selection hasn’t really changed since i started the business and now i have a chance to appeal to a broader market. also, i’ve been re-working the packaging and labeling to better represent the a.m.f.a.b. brand. aside from the dog treat business, i’ve started getting into photography again and have, also, been (super slowly) working on compiling a recipe book. it’s been a very busy, very exciting past few weeks.

4. What inspires you?
generally, it doesn’t take much to inspire me to create different works. it could be a song, something i find on the ground, something i read, an emotion that’s been consuming me, anything. in terms of a.m.f.a.b., though.. honestly, just watching all of these other local, small-business owners throw themselves into what they love to do and continue to evolve and thrive has been incredibly inspiring. that and my dog, razmig. well, i dont know if it’s inspiration as much as it is blackmail.. we have a deal where i keep making him treats and, in return, he promises not to poop on my bed. it’s been going really well, so far.

5. If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
ohh, man. that’s tough. i tend to work alone, since i get lost in my head really easily and, oftentimes, have a super backward way of executing projects. if i had to pick, i’d say my friend, amanda camino. she’s this really fantastic painter/illustrator i went to art school with (here’s her online portfolio: http://braintraffic.net). we were always the last two people still in the studio, at midnight, painting away. our brains operate on a really similar wave-length and she has incredible artistic insight.

6. Who have you worked with that you really, really dig?
i haven’t, actually, gotten the chance to collaborate with anyone yet. i’m hoping to change that in the near future, though.

7. Create a playlist with your current favorite songs.
in random order (dj-ing isn’t an area i excel in):

call your girlfriend — robyn perpetuum mobile — penguin cafe orchestra young lady — kid cudi hoppipolla — sigur ros anonanimal — andrew bird we used to wait — arcade fire ten-twenty-ten — the generationals little talks — of monsters and men immortal — kid cudi

8. What are you wearing? Describe or draw us a picture.

top to bottom: two hex nuts and one evil eye bead, in my hair / a slate-grey, cotton cardigan / a canary-yellow, cotton dress with a wide, black belt just under the bust / a silver and blue evil eye ring / a hand-made bracelet (an embossed, copper circle-tag, tied onto hemp string) / black, cotton leggings / speckled, grey ski socks / slate-grey, knee-high, synthetic wool boots with six large, silver buttons up the side of each.

9. What is your favorite vintage item, thrifted, or handy-down that you own?
my dad’s meteor ring.

10. What is self-expression to you?
to me, self-expression is all about feeding my soul (insert “whadda hippy” eye roll here). it’s painting with my hands, creating new recipes for the people (or pups) that i love, capturing my mood through the lens of a camera. it, also, means dressing like spinelli, braiding hex nuts in my hair and being barefoot wherever possible. self-expression is all about communicating externally what’s going on internally and creating peace between the divide.

Find All My Friends Are Bread

Website: www.allmyfriendsarebread.etsy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/allmyfriendsarebread

Twitter: http://twitter.com/friendsarebread
Instagram: @allmyfriendsarebread



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