Photos of home & captures of memories.

Here are some peaks details of my bedroom & recent Bird Trouble. This starts with sneak a shot of 5 new wallets that are heading to Chicago’s Ukrainian Village at the handmade collective shop, Paperish Mess. More on those later!

Piedra Papel Tijeras on Etsy is run by Chicago artist, Lauren Reese. Her shop supports the original handheld device, books! She also runs Pan American Knits, which is her fair trade yarn accessory shop that is dedicated to 100% fair trade yarns and promoting women’s sustainability in South American Countries.

see these new pouches in the online shop

I’ve been sewing in my bedroom while I’m still on a hunt for a work table for the other room. I have all my memories that are in trinket after trinket and scattered around me that make my days really great. I keep a strong hold of memories + objects. Here are some that are in these very pictures: my collection of gun shells are from the guns I shot in Colorado last year when I went to visit my besties, Dome & Michele, with their 2 puppy children (3 puppy children now!),  the Catcher in the Rye box is a Literary Matchbook made & gifted to me by my gal pal Lauren Reese for Piedra Papel Tijeras just before I left Chicago (+ the best handwritten note to pair with it), all while that little monkey sitting in my cactus reminds me of my girl Adrianna and, I swear, it carries her charming spirit & reminds me of her positivity that I love to be around.

In Bird Trouble news, I’m currently working on compiling ideas for two photo shoot collaborations with a local blogger & a local model here in Guadalajara. I’ve been thinking about how to continue to grow my online presence & how I’m going to be stepping into my local presence.  I’m very excited about all this new work and working with these two specific ladies. I can’t wait until I have more to share. I need to create some mood boards for both of them, STAT! -Alexz

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