Channeling the Keith Richards in Me // Personal Style Outfit Post

I’ve been watching a lot of Rolling Stones documentaries and have been wishing for more bell sleeve dresses & more lace. I dreamt about making one coming up home in the elevator today. You know, great ideas happen in elevators. Oh! I have the perfect jacket for my Keith Richards days but it’s not cold enough for it yet. Mexico does get cold, so I hear. I was shocked when Steph told me that she wears a winter jacket here & that was even after my mom told me she does too. I’m just not accepting it because I have these horrible winter memories from Chicago… though I bet it wont even be a 1/4 as cold here. Yeah… sorry, Chicago. There goes the zipper on my mouth. Shut.

Outfit details:
Mimi Chica from Nordstrom Rack in 2012.
Red, white & blue scarf found thrifting a long time ago.
Bird Trouble Gardenhouse clutch. – See them in the shop here!
Leather booties by Nine West found thifting last year. – These are my favorite go-to’s!

The rest of the photos I’m sharing are from the fest, taken by Llyod & my mother. You can see my photos of the amazing colorful carnival that was at the fest in this blog post from a few days ago. Thanks for reading! -Alexz

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Here’s a little inspiration for the road!


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