Wishing for Zombies at Guadalajara’s Festival de la Cerveza

I went to Guadalajara’s Festival de la Cerveza this past weekend with my parents, Ron, & Lloyd (my dad’s best friends) & was blownnnnn by the carnival side of it. I love that a lot of things here is simple & it’s not all “suped” like America does it – including these rad carnival rides I’m going to show you.

I would like to report that I played the target game & my gun aim is still preeeeeetty good (I have pride in my real gun shooting skillz). I hit one of the squirrels on the game (obviously I will shoot a squirrel first because it’s a squirrel & I love them. I could never shoot one in real life. I would die.) & it made this mini Michael Jackson dance. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Think about a mini MJ dancing & singing after a few beers!

Digged this dudes style; though if he & I were to ever switch places, I’d look a little more dirtier. Don’t his clothes look a little too clean? I’d dig a bear hug from this guy.

A lot of cars in Guadalajara do a good job at catching my attention. I have a collection of Volkswagen vans I’ll have to share once I collect a wee more.

Doesn’t it look creepy in a way without any people in the photos? My imagination was definitely running wild there & I kept imagining a really awesome black & white Spanish zombie film with Kill Bill like scenes flashing those colors. Thanks for reading!! – Alexz

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