Meet Jade Fringe & my first watercolor print

“Screw what they’re doing” watercolor illustration print $20

I’m pretty stoked about this idea because I draw & play with paints a lot now. I just wanted to get crazy with patterns & I wanted to think out-loud what I had on my mind that week. For real though, let’s take a moment to remember that we do our thang – they do theirs – & we can all be happy, ok?

Jade Fringe limited pouches. Only 3 of these were made with a vintage tapestry & repurposed leather. $45.00

I didn’t realize I had more of this tapestry left that I had used in the Jade & Blossom bags (one of the J&B bags), but I was super stoked to have stumbled across it again. This is all I have left guys. I’d like to keep one for myself but then I think about ya’ll & your excitement from a new bag.

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