Style Inspiration || Color Me Nana, Bowie, Lace, Family Affairs, & the 60’s

I don’t just love bags. I love fashion. Fashion of the past, current, futuristic, unpredicted, and all of the rest turns my brain & inspires resting ideas to shine. I often think about creating & designing clothes. I really should invest in a mannequin. Style is a form of self-expression. A form of art – especially the whole styling process to an outfit. What will one feel like wearing today? What about tomorrow? What were you wearing 6 months ago? If I were to design a clothing line right now, I bet it would look like a cross between glam rock & a bad ass grandma.

Here is my style inspiration that I’ve put on my Pinterest recently. You can follow my inspirations & my mad pinning here. For you Bird Trouble fans, you can follow & help support BT by pinning my designs from here. Thank you if you do!

Dylana’s style, always so chill but always with a punch. I enjoy following this NYC blogger through her website; here.

Thank you internet, for showing me the babe on the left & the, but of course, man himself – David Bowie – within the same week. White t-shirts & a bad ass attitude. Who are you? Oh, I don’t care. PS. you should watch this YouTube Bowie documentary.

I keep staring at these lace curtains & table cloths that I have in the corner of my room. I figure I’m not going to go through another Chicago winter this year and I can very well wear lace this season. What should I make? (pretty on the left is from here )

It is now a life goal of mine to find or make myself a pair of star butt denims like those. Have you seen the Family Affairs Spring 2014 preview? I loved this piece. CaliVintage shows the rest of the preview here.

Swinging 60’s always gets close to my heart. To the left is French singer France Gall. I had a good laugh when I looked her up on YouTube. Watch this music video of hers that made me giggle. Britt Ekland is on the right in a killer outfit. Britt can be seen discussing wearing bikinis in Bond films here.

Have a happy Wednesday. xo Alexz

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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration || Color Me Nana, Bowie, Lace, Family Affairs, & the 60’s

    1. I realized after I posted this that I don’t even have any plain white tees. How’s that possible?! Could we make grey/blue stone washed jeans? I think we should figure this out…


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