Inspiration for the new studio.

We have the keys to our new apartment in Guadalajara! I’m really excited about my new city & I’m looking forward to getting to know it. I’m also really looking forward to setting up my new studio space. Lately I’ve been sewing on a pretty small desk & moving my machine to the floor each time I want to cut fabric or package sold orders. It’s down right annoying to do that so many times.

In the new place, I think I’ll have enough space for two decent size tables (for fabric cutting & pattern making) while leaving an empty spot against the pearly white wall for photography & product shots. I do want to fit in shelving for my textiles. I like to see them out because I get a lot of great ideas seeing them exposed. I want to separate my “office” work & internet-lyfe from design time so putting a computer desk in my bedroom can help me do that. I can easily pick up my laptop & carry it over but I’m going to slap my wrist when I do that!

I vow to even slap my wrist when I bring my laptop over to watch something while sewing. I admit I like to do that a lot, but I really shouldn’t tempt myself. It can be really distracting to my brain. I’ll take 20 minutes to pick a new movie or YouTube documentary after I check up Facebook real quick where so-and-so said something funny about the government & poop, after so-and-so shared a picture of their dog in a Hawks jersey. It gets bad…

I’ve pulled some photos from Pinterest for inspiration. I’m thinking: clean, pops of color, organization, DIY, repurposed & cork. Do you have as sewing or work studio? Possibly you know where one could find more inspiration? Leave me a comment. THNXLUVYOU.

my absolute favorite : from the marion house on eleven thirty shop‘s studio

found at the makers project

see more at lil boo boo

find this through this flickr

see this through this cool design feature.

annily green‘s house tour

unknown source

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