Heeeeello! I’m back to show you more photos from my Guadalajara adventure last weekend. I’m a day late than I said I would be. Yesterday I woke up feeling rather judgemental toward myself so I took a lot of the day off to walk around & think. I kicked my butt back into gear mid afternoon & I just sewed all day. You may guess it since I make all my bags, but sewing is a very calming & rather meditating for me… plus it’s just so natural. Click here to see a glimpse of what I made and I’ll be back to talk about it later!

If you missed the first set of photos, you can check them out here. The last photo in this post is one of my favorites because you can get a sense of how gorgeous the city buildings look at sunset. Except the camera I use does not nearly give it as much credit- you just gotta trust me.

What I’m wearing:

1) High waisted H&M pants that used to be bellbottoms, but then they shrank. So I tapered them & feel loads better. I typically would stay away from H&M but my old boss gave me a gift certificate & I felt like I deserved that $50 for working there for 2 years ; 2) A Buzzcocks shirt I attained in high school. You’ll notice most of my outfit posts, I’m wearing a band shirt from way back when. They’re classics & I’m never getting rid of them; 3) Fred Perry High Tops in a blue & gray plaid circa 2009. I’m all about Fred Perry; 4) Bird Trouble Jade & Blossom Bag circa 2012. I’ve turned this into my favorite travel bag because it’s so spacious; 5) Lacustine Necklace from Hunter Gather Necklace. I wish you could see it but you can see the style I have here. Nicole, the designer, gave it to me when she came by for my old industrial sewing machine. We actually met through IG! I wear basically every day because it suits me so well; 6) Cheapo sunglasses from the thrift store;  7) Leather cuff on my wrist handmade in Mexico by this vendor who looked all rock & roll. I had to.

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