From this Weekend: Guadalajara Adventure Part 1

Hey everyone. It was quiet around here this weekend because I decided to go on a spontaneous adventure to Guadalajara.  I met a dude who’s vacationing here from San Diego & who speaks Spanish & English which rules since I don’t speak much Spanish at all. So Saturday, we went to a club called Cassette that is in a revamped house in Chapultepec area. It really did feel like a house party, including the 18 year olds & couches to bounce on, but everyone was so nice & they played Selena. It was a blast, but I had enough tequila that night to last me for a long time.

Sunday we adventured around the sunny city, hung over, but still feeling spontaneous. We went for breakfast at a cute cafe & sat next to the open window that faced a street that was swarmed with people riding bikes, skateboards, & longboards. They opened the road for traffic at 2pm & we did more people watching. I love people watching. That’s why cities are so good to me – the amount people I can watch while they’re busy hustling & bustling relaxes me. Except Mexico doesn’t seem as hustle & bustle as Chicago does, but that could be because it was a weekend.

We decided to buy tour bus tickets because they were only $150 each (about $15 USD) AND that included 3 tour buses. We were only able to take 2 but I’m glad we did. We saw a lot of beautiful architecture & drove those some quaint little house areas. I saw a tattoo & skate shop that I want to visit. We were stopping for about 30 minutes & when I got off, a man gave me a huge iguana to hold for about 15 amazing seconds & $2 USD. We stopped in a few great galleries. Yep, I think I’ll do that again. This little trip gets me excited for my move to the city and I can’t help to feel a little anxious.

Here are some pictures I snapped this weekend. I’m splitting these photos into two posts. Come back tomorrow for the rest.


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2 thoughts on “From this Weekend: Guadalajara Adventure Part 1

    1. I can back up that there are so hidden treasures & that the city is so so so beautiful. The buildings are from the 1800’s and there are so many statues to honor great people. Come visit while I’m here!!


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