Something About You with JazOnVinyl & ThisSideofTheMoon!


Hey Jazmin! How’s it going?

It’s going awesome!! I try to keep things regularly awesome! Right now I am sitting in the sea of patterns and supplies I call My Bedroom. Getting ready for a day of calls and crafts! Listening to the Kinks and the Stones!

Tell us one to three sentences; it could be about yourself or three thoughts on your week.

Life is incredible. Life is incredibly fast.  I could live off watermelons and burritos.

What projects are you currently working on?

YAY! Projects! Right now, I am beyond grateful for and totally immersed in 3 awesome projects.

·         Since I was 19 I have continued creating and selling artwork under the name JazOnVinyl.

·         I’m part of a pretty rad design duo called Virtue For The Vicious! Our first line debuted in 2010 in Chicago, IL!  SO excited for a new full Women’s line in 2014!

·         My newest project is ThisSideOfTheMoon! I partnered up with a fellow hardworking fashionista when I moved to the Bay from Chicago. She is from New York so we were totally fast moving when our idea to start a store and lifestyle blog came to be! We are all about classic pieces and supporting new artists of all kinds! Every step of the way we have gone for a real community vibe in building ideas and finding artists!   We are currently in the process of opening our online store(VERY SOON) and are shopping around for our dream location in the East Bay!

·         Ooooooh and I sings and plays songs sometimes… also under JazOnVinyl

What can spark inspiration for you?

EVERYTHING. I am a sponge. My work and themes always revolve around fashion, style and travel so I definitely find most of my inspiration there. It seems like People, Places and Things… nouns in general, take the lead.

If you could work with one person, who would it be?

That’s a powerful question because I totally have this ephemeral response and a more concrete response.

I definitely dream to work with any artist out there! Anyone from Dali to your pottery making neighbor. I have learned so much with every collaboration and new experience… good or bad. It’s an incredible gift to use other artists as a mirror to your own life and path in creating.

My more concrete answer is my grandmother! She is an incredibly strong lady and beautiful singer! I would love to write a song with her.

Who have you worked with that you like, really really dig?

I live/work with a collective of artists and all of them are a true pleasure to work with. I am in a constant state of growth and learning because of them! Everyone here is a working musician or visual artist. It’s pretty brilliant!

Create a playlist with your current favorite songs.

The Knife – You Take My Breathe Away

LandOfTalk – CornerPhone

OMD – Telegraph

RawGeronimo – Magnetic Love

Describe in detail /// or draw us a picture! /// what you are wearing right now

What is your favorite vintage item, thrifted, or handy-down that you own?

GODDESS  piece

super old

super rad

portland by way of an awesome lady

all mine .

What does self-expression mean to you?

Pure and total freedom.  It’s the path I take for sure!


Instagram : @JAZONVINYL


Isn’t Jaz awesome? I just adore her. She’s a positive and open thinker with a real free spirit. She’s a best friend of another friend who was introduced us to me by another friend because she was dating / IS NOW MARRIED / to another friend. I should just say that our universes collided in real life. We’ve partied a few times together but I remember her for the words & the moments we’ve connected with each other. I think you should join me in following her. I’ve really been digging her blog & this week the ThisSideOfTheMoon blog started doing a real rad Music Mondays. She’s always up to something great!


Creativity can thrive by collaboration, through the act of exchanging just a few words, or even reading a few words.  Now a days we are soaking in so much around us in our bubble of life and mentally, given the tip of our finger tips & our fancy-schmansy phones.  We want to introduce good content to you so you can open your mind to something truly cool… and not GIFs of Miley Cyrus.  Bird Trouble is dedicated to leaving our dedicated readers & the ramblin’ by readers an imprint of curiosity and hopefully, eventually lead you to be inspired or thralled by someone elses work.  Why not soak in the inspiration? Catch our next Something About You’s featured creative on the Bird Trouble blog every other Satuday. xx

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