The story of the ‘Hello Mexico!’ collection.


I’m launching ‘Hello Mexico!’ into the Bird Trouble Etsy shop this Friday. I’M SO EXCITED. I wanted to take a step back and show you some photos and videos of the process in finding the materials to actually making these 31 sustainable & unique accessories. Let’s reminisce from the beginning together, okay?

this is the day I found the booklets. my mom took this photo of me on the way home.  Stepping back… here is the moment I found the booklets & my nerdy excitement after.


this is the collection of souvenirs with the sample booklets I had collected from my trip to Ajijic 5 months ago, way before I decided to move to Mexico.

Here’s a first attempt of “promoting” the new line, after I took the sample sheets out of the booklet.

just 3 weeks ago when I had just started trimming, ironing the interfacing, & hand studding and/or adding conchos.

though i love sewing, there are a lot of wallets right there & that beer helped me get through that day.

the day i finished all the pocket wallets.

the day i finished all the wallets + 4 other pouches made from repurposed soft felt.

just a few nights ago, when all the sewing was done, and I was tagging each one with my tags that has a handmade stamp by me. i also wrote a special message on the back of each one, made drawstring muslin bags for packaging, and little handmade stamped booklets with handwritten cleaning instructions, about, & where to find Bird Trouble.

new collection

There it is ladies & gentleman, my excitement for Friday shared in a story line of photos. You can save the Bird Trouble Etsy shop to your browser so you can get to it fast. I’ll be posting them really early in the morning / date in the night of the 12th, probably between 12pm – 1:30am Central Time. You should also follow my Facebook to see all the sneak previews I show through out the week.

I wanted to thank everyone reading this who has supported me on my move to Mexico & my transition to doing Bird Trouble full time. The last few weeks have really showed me what I’m capable of doing and I’m excited to get even faster in sewing, even more experienced in time management and organizing myself, and to learn more about you guys. On top of an exciting shop update, this week is a special one. This Saturday is going to be our first Simply Something About You. Be sure to stop by to check out the rad Oakland artist, business owner, fashionista & positive role model we’re featuring! -Alexz



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