Do something different today.

Do something different.

I went into a forest alone & walked around with a dot of white eyeshadow under my eyes.  Forest exploring didn’t happen much, or should I say ever, in Chicago so I’m fully embracing the mountains by my dad’s here in Mexico. I put the dot under my eyes because I thought it’d look neat in my photos.

I’m wearing a shirt that is new to me but I found it at the Wednesday tienda.  It’s an outdoor market on this thing side cobblestone street filled with vendors that have every thing you can think of:: fresh food, knick knacks, local art, local jewelry, clothes, and even adoptable animals. I walked into a tent with clothing racks where the sellers were also trying to find homes for these adorable puppies and kittens. I can’t deal with looking at animals for sale without wanting them so I went straight to the clothes for a distraction. My shirt was 5 pesos. That’s about 50 cents in USD.

Along side with my projects:  the Hello Mexico! collection, 8 new bags, and 2 custom bags rolling around my brain – I’ve recently been trying to make a light box so I can do the emulsion process in screen printing at home.  I want to print the new Bird Trouble logo that Raych for PonyGold created onto comfy shirts like the one I’m wearing in these photos. To stick with Bird Trouble’s sustainable conscious, I’m hoping to use recycled shirts. I just need to find appropriate light bulbs to make this dang light bulb! (I just reminded myself of Hank Hill!!) Little mountain towns don’t have a lot of options, but I will figure it out.

Photography & editing by Bird Trouble.



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