My Temazcal Experience

Since I’ve moved to Mexico, I’ve spent a lot of time cooped up in my room that homes the desk where I sew, blog, stamp, cut, iron… you get it. If I don’t take some quiet time for myself for a nice stretch out, mentally and physically, to step away from work & life, I will start to feel like a crazy lady. I consider this my meditation. I love my alone time even more because I’m the only child. So anyway, I was walking Ty a few days ago and ran into someone I met a while ago. When I met him, he told me about these sweat lodges he goes to with a group, called Temazcals. Lucky for me, he was heading to one. A Temazcal is a steam bath filled with indigenous herbs (we used sage).

The practice of the Temazcals are done to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through steam and herbs. It’s meant to bring you to amplified states of consciousness, especially to those who are in need of liberation from suffering, from experiences.** “Many viral agents and bacteria cannot survive at much above normal body temperature, so when we sweat we can literally rid ourselves of some illnesses. Important endocrine glands are stimulated by an inner rise in temperature, with impurities in many body organs being flushed out as capillaries dilate and the heart increases its pace to keep up with the demand for blood. And in a sweat bath where rocks are heated and water is poured over them, an abundance of negative ions is released into the air, combating fatigue and tenseness.*”


We sat in the dark chamber, filled with steam. Hot steam. Each person went one by one introduce themselves and spoke their mind, releasing thoughts into this steam along with the toxins. We sat in there for a while. It seemed like a really long time to me because I was so focused on relaxing at first, but then it came natural. Relaxing in that kind of heat is challenging, but it felt more exhilarating if that. Each time water was spilled on the hot stones, it created this vast amount of steam that felt even hotter, burning your cheeks and making you scream until it goes away. The screaming feels so good, you start laughing.

We filled up the time with drum beats & Spanish songs until we were ready to walk out. I walked out, eyes crying because of the steam, and had freezing cold water poured onto my head. Twice. The freezing water felt cleansing and I walked back into the Temazcal with every one else. We sat in there for a shorter time, at first putting the sage all over us. I will forever remember the density in sage scent that steam that produce. When I walked out, I was rinsed again & immediately found a spot to lay naked, alone, and covered from head to toe in a blanket. I felt weightless laying in the dirt as it started to rain on top of my blanket, relaxing me even more. I looked over to my left where there was a light opening in my blanket and stared at a tiny green bug struggling through a climb on a blade of grass.

I woke up the next day feeling great. A little sore but that’s definitely from my lack of water consumption. I can’t stop thinking about how much I love spontaneous & amazing experiences that grow from doing something so normal, like going for a dog walk.

On Temazcals: Temezcal in Oaxaca* Cancun Temazcal**



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